R BlockThe Sleepy Hollow

Don’t be fooled (and don’t, for gosh sakes, lose your head over it) by the fact that the first two items in this ingredient list are fresh products and not spirited liquids, or by the fact that the ingredient directly following them is a sweetening device. The hefty helping of gin in this drink does indeed give it quite a kick. Read more »

BFM produce for blog book

R BlockMany Reasons to Eat Local

Have you ever wondered why it might be good to eat foods according to the season?  You probably notice how there are certain fruits and vegetables available in the fall (apples, pears, squash) versus what is seen in the spring/summer (melons, papaya, asparagus).   You most likely gravitate to buying and eating these foods because they are plentiful, they are what is grown regionally and can only be gotten in surplus at that time.  Do you think it may also be what the body craves? Read more »


R BlockThe Business of Cards

Business cards are not created equal. Whether it’s a standard 3.5 inch by 2 inch piece of paper or an origami fold-out that reveals your company name in reverse print, business cards showcase you and your company’s personality. Read more »

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