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6 Great Farm-to-Table Restaurants With On-Premise (Or Nearby) Gardens

The slow food revolution has swept across the country. While restaurants in Europe and elsewhere have been utilizing locally sourced produce, meat and dairy for some time, Americans were slow to catch on. Thanks to activist chef Alice Waters and others, restaurateurs around the country are beginning to realize the benefits of buying locally, Read more »


R Block4 Cucumber Cocktails To Keep You Cool This Summer

Cucumbers are a summer staple for their refreshing flavor, high water content and hydrating capabilities. Of course, salads and fresh summer vegetable plates are not the only place you will find them. The cucumber is a classic cocktail compliment (and garnish), particularly for gin. So it should come as no surprise to gin lovers that Hendricks—the unique gin with a cucumber aroma, bottled in an unmistakable black medicine jar—has claimed ownership over the unusual holiday.  Read more »