Miami Beach EDITION: Five Things I Loved, Two I Did Not

Miami Beach EDITION, a collaboration between Ian Schrager and Marriott International, is a vibrant and luxurious hotel situated in the heart of Miami Beach. With its distinctive Shrager-esque style and uncompromising five-star comforts, the hotel offers an array of amenities and experiences that cater to discerning travelers.


An Enchanting Location

Nestled in Mid-Beach on a private enclave stretching from Collins Ave to the ocean, Miami Beach EDITION boasts a sprawling three and a half-acre property. This prime location ensures guests have convenient access to both the vibrant city scene and the serene beachfront, creating an ideal setting for a memorable stay.


Unparalleled Facilities and Amenities

Since its opening in 2014, Miami Beach EDITION has become synonymous with luxury and entertainment. The hotel features two ocean-facing pools, a wellness spa with a well-equipped gym, a unique basement ice rink doubling as a nightclub, and a bowling alley. Additionally, the indoor and outdoor event spaces offer chic settings for various gatherings. The highlight of the hotel’s dining options is the Jean George-developed MATADOR BAR and ROOM, an visually stunning space offering an equally impressive culinary experience.


Matador Terrace


Effortless Navigation and Comprehensive Offerings

Miami Beach EDITION stands out with its straightforward and user-friendly layout. Virtually everything is within easy reach from the lobby, fostering a seamless flow of energy and camaraderie among guests. The hotel aims to provide a one-stop shopping experience, encompassing dining, nightlife, socializing, recreation, culture, work, and meeting spaces. With a wide array of amenities and services available on-site, guests may choose to indulge in everything the hotel has to offer without the need to venture outside.


Even the lobby of the hotel is a captivating space, featuring pristine white marble floors and polished white pearl Venetian plaster walls. The carefully curated indoor palms and subtle gold and deep green accents contribute to the hotel’s signature “barefoot chic” ambiance. Offering a rare ocean view, the lobby serves as the central hub, connecting guests to various facilities such as the MATADOR BAR, pools, beach, and the outdoor tiki bar called “Tropicale.”


Easy To Get Around…Has Everything You Need


The layout at The Edition is simple and intuitive. Virtually everything is a stone’s throw from the lobby which makes getting around easy and efficient and adds a whimsical flow of energy and comradery to the place. Everyone is coming and going to or from something enjoyable. The hotel is also outfitted with everything you need. One of Shrager’s top goals with the hotel was to make it a one- stop shopping experience, providing everything a guest could imagine—dining, nightlife, socializing, recreation, culture, work and meeting space—within the complex. Once you are there, there is no reason to leave if you don’t want to. Personally, I can’t imagine forgoing a dinner at Joe’s Stone Crab or walking across the street to the Broken Shaker and Twenty Seven restaurant at the Freehand Hotel, but if you’re the type that just likes to chill at your hotel, Miami Beach EDITION has you covered.


The Lobby

The lobby is visually stunning with pristine white marble floors and polished white pearl Venetian plaster walls, highlighted with subtle tones of gold and deep green form the indoor palms. One of the few hotel lobbies in Miami Beach to offer a view of the ocean, the spirit of the space, like the hotel itself, is “barefoot chic” or “new tropical” as Shrager likes to say.

“You might see people in golf attire, a bathing suit, a Pilates uniform, formal evening clothes or jeans,” Schrager notes. “All comfortable, all being themselves, all connected by a certain sensibility.”




The lobby is also the central nervous system of the hotel with a fun pool table (great for the kids) and adjacent MATADOR BAR—with the pools, beach and outdoor tiki bar, “Tropicale,” just a short jaunt away.


Dining Delights

Within the hotel, guests can explore a range of dining options. The Jean George-developed “Marketplace” provides indoor and outdoor seating for breakfast or a quick snack. Overlooking the pool with stunning views of Miami Beach, “Tropicale” offers tropical drinks, light bites, and a relaxed island atmosphere.

The pièce de résistance, however, is the MATADOR BAR, a space that transports guests to an era of timeless glamour. It is the kind of place, Schrager says, “one might expect to see Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers waltzing through.”

The bar’s expansive design, black walnut and stone centerpiece, and ocean vistas create an unforgettable setting. Adjacent to the bar, the MATADOR ROOM welcomes guests with its grandeur, offering a splendid dining experience inspired by Latin cuisine with modern twists..


MATDOR BAR—Lucien Clergue Paintings on Wall


Afternoon drinks at MATDOR BAR


Adjacent to the bar, the MATADOR ROOM welcomes guests with its grandeur, offering a splendid dining experience inspired by Chef Jeremy Ford’s modern interpretation of Latin cuisine with modern twists—with a variety of dishes that are ideal for sharing.

Equally impressive is the setting. The space’s original chandelier has been restored and is suspended over the sunken oval dining room, reminiscent of the glamorous supper clubs of the 1940s and 50s


Inner circle seating at MATADOR ROOM (there are also tables around the permiter of restaurant)


Beach Access and Atmosphere

The proximity of the beach to Miami Beach EDITION is a notable advantage. Guests can effortlessly transition between the main pool and the beach, making it convenient for those who enjoy multiple visits throughout the day. The hotel’s beach area has a unique ambiance, thanks to the rocks at both ends, creating a sense of privacy and exclusivity away from excessive foot traffic.


Main Pool, benches and cabanas, beach and ocean


Family Friendly

While the Ian Schrager brand might not immediately evoke a family-friendly image, Miami Beach EDITION surprises with its welcoming environment for children. The hotel offers various amenities catering to younger guests, including a pool table in the lobby, a ping pong table in a palm-tree sheltered area, and a basement bowling alley and skating rink.


Lobby pool table


Basement bowling alley


Room for Improvement

Though Miami Beach EDITION excels in many aspects, there are a few areas that could benefit from further attention. While the standard rooms showcase elegant design, some functional aspects, like the low-draining sinks, could be improved for a more seamless experience. The pools and benches, while satisfactory, do not stand out as exceptional, and the positioning of the benches could be better optimized for sunlight exposure and comfort.


Ocean View Room



Pool at night overlooked by Matador Terrace


My main gripe is more with the positioning and comfort of the benches than the pools themselves. Half the benches have morning sun and half have afternoon sun so you kind of have to choose when you want sun. While this may be a problem for many Miami hotels it seemed more pronounced at EDITION. Of course, many people today will actually appreciate this as we’re more careful about sun exposure, particularly in places where the sun is so strong. But the benches are also quite stiff and low to the ground. The minimalist design Shrager is famous for can sometimes look more comfortable than it actually is—think futon not featherbed—unlike their neighbor, 1 Hotel, which has a more impressive pool situation.


“Tropicale” Pool


Final Verdict

Miami Beach EDITION, with its modern minimalist design and reasonable price-point for a five-star hotel, offers a comprehensive and stylish retreat for sun-seeking travelers. The hotel’s beach access, ocean-facing pools, and vibrant dining options, particularly the enchanting MATADOR Bar, make it an enticing destination for those seeking class, glamour, and a touch of nostalgia. Whether indulging in a signature cocktail or reveling in the surroundings, guests are sure to find Miami Beach EDITION a delightful escape.

The most unexpected treat? MATADOR Bar. Shrager is right. It does indeed, “transport you back in time to an era where class and glamour reigned supreme.” Order The Pineapple, served in a custom-made copper pineapple or opt for a simple Martini while you enjoy the surroundings. Either way you won’t be disappointed.