Take Your Exercise Regimen Out Into the World

While working out in the comfort of your home or at the local gym or fitness studio is great, there’s nothing quite like taking your workouts outdoors. Getting that all-important dose of vitamin D, breathing in plenty of fresh air and meeting other people are all benefits that taking your workout outdoors can provide. To ensure that you get the full benefit from your workouts, it’s important to venture outdoors a little more often for exercise.


Whether you take your yoga class onto your deck, do your bodyweight routine at the local park, or simply go for a hike, there is no shortage of ways to stay fit and healthy outdoors. You can try a brand new activity or simply progress even further with whatever exercise you are doing now. Taking your workout outside will not only help you enjoy all of the benefits of the outdoors but can also add a new, exciting dimension to your current workout.


Let’s take a closer look at four simple ways that you can take your exercise routine out into the world.


Get On Your Bicycle


Moutain biking has become increasingly popular amongst all generations. Electric bikes have also become very popular in recent years, offering a great solution for older cyclists and those living in hilly areas.


Cycling in general has proven itself to be a fantastic activity that will help people of all ages to burn calories, stay in shape and make friends in the process. There are countless cycling groups and clubs that you can join to meet other fitness enthusiasts who are braving the elements.  Riding a bike is also a low-impact activity making it a great solution for anyone recovering from injury or returning to exercise after an extended break.


Lace-Up Your Running Shoes


There’s nothing quite like lacing up your running shoes and hitting the pavement with enthusiasm. Turn up the volume on your favourite playlist or simply get together with your mates and get some mileage in. Running doesn’t require any equipment other than some good footwear to get started. If you’re not ready for running just yet, try alternating running and walking until you get a little fitter.


Head For The Hills


Whether you live near the mountains by the coast or in the bush, there are countless options for walking all over the country. From scenic coastal walks to epic multi-day hikes, whatever your style, you can be sure that it will be catered to. Hiking is a wonderful way to take your workout outdoors and spend some quality time with your friends and family. Hiking can also be an effective active-recovery activity if you have been training particularly hard.


Outdoor Fitness Classes


From yoga to boxercise, bootcamps and Zumba, there is a never-ending list of outdoor fitness classes that you can sign up for. Many providers will have a first class free offer so you can try the class first and see if you like it. Get some friends together and sweat together at an outdoor fitness class that will be challenging and enjoyable.


Enjoy The Benefits Of Taking Your Exercise Routine Outdoors


If you have been working out exclusively indoors until now, it’s time to shake things up a bit. Getting out into the great outdoors, trying new things and spending time with your loved ones will encourage you to stick with your new outdoor exercise regime. Not only will you stay in shape but getting fit outside will ensure that you get a healthy dose of vitamin D, have less stress, breathe in cleaner air and have more energy. Take your next workout outdoors and enjoy all of the benefits of spending time outside for yourself!


This article was originally published on Pursuitist. Republished by permission.