Inside the Masonic Temple at Andaz London

Andaz London on Liverpool Street recently unearthed this secret Freemason Temple. Hidden behind a wall for decades, this secret masonic lodge was only rediscovered during renovations. Opened as the Great Eastern Hotel in 1884 and one of London’s original railway hotels, the Andaz is housed in a stunning brick Victorian building designed by the architects of London’s famed Houses of Parliament.
Step inside the Secret Masonic Temple at Andaz London. This stunning
Secret Temple was recently discovered at the London boutique hotel.

The windowless room is known as a “Grecian Temple,” an opulent combination of Italian marble and checked floors. After descending the temple’s spiral staircase, the Neoclassic space includes a stunning blue dome ceiling with gold zodiac detail, regal thrones and an organ.

Built by architect Charles Barry, Jr., in what was then the Great Eastern Hotel, this is probably one of the most grandiose Masonic temples in London. Jack the Ripper was active nearby and was a Freemason, so scholars conclude that he gathered in this enchanting and private location.

Beautifully restored and maintained by Andaz London, now a part of the Hyatt family, the Masonic Temple is now available for private events, yoga classes and human sacrifices (we’re kidding about that last part).

The London property even had Lady Gagacome by for a photoshoot with Vogue Italia, and Paloma Faith shot her music video for ‘I Just Can’t Rely on You’ in the Secret Temple.