The Sleeping Device Gadget Geeks Will Love

As much as we focus on diet and exercise as parts of wellness, you simply can’t live the good life without consistently good sleep.


The CDC says more than one third of Americans don’t get enough sleep on a consistent basis, which can eventually lead to increased stress levels and weight gain. Sleep time is also when your body restores cells and repairs itself. Without proper sleep for extended periods of time, you literally put yourself at a higher risk of disease.


Recognizing the lack of sleep in modern life, the sleep industry is evolving. In recent years, a number of sleep tracking apps have jumped in popularity, while mattress makers have focused on improving quality of materials, firmness, how your body molds to the bed, and innovations such as giving both sides of the bed independence to recline or incline. Now, sleep innovators are realizing that temperature, in addition to the physical qualities of a bed, is just as important for a good night’s sleep.


Enter the BedJet -invented by ex-NASA spacesuit engineer Mark Aramli. BedJet is the world’s first ultra -fast climate control comfort system for beds, and for anyone who’s a hot sleeper or argues with their significant other over a comfortable bedroom temperature, this machine is a game changer.



At $369 per unit, the BedJet is an investment, but compared to other cooling and heating products for beds out there – such as Chilipad ($999.99 for a Queen) and Sleep Number’s DualTemp ($1,699 for a Queen) – the BedJet is the most economical solution while simultaneously the most powerful, highest feature set and highest customer rated option.


Aramli says people with a wide range of sleep disturbance issues benefit from BedJet’s technology. “It’s the perfect solution for hot sleepers who still can’t cool off in bed with air conditioning set on high or people suffering from night sweats and hot flashes due to a medical condition,” Aramli said. “The BedJet is even saving marriages. For partners who have different sleep temperature preferences, the BedJet’s independent dual temperature zones are their solution to ‘sleep divorce,’” he said.




temperature control for bed


You may remember BedJet from an infamous episode of ABC’s Shark Tank back in early 2015, when all five of the show’s investors harshly panned an early prototype of the product and told Aramli that no one would ever want it.


Today, BedJet is the global market leader for powered temperature comfort systems for beds, the no. 1 customer-recommended product for bed cooling and heating on Amazon, and one of the top five most successful “Shark Tank fails” in the show’s history.


bedjet iphone app controller


While hot sleepers and spouses who disagree on the right sleep temperature are some of BedJet’s biggest fans, athletes are finding value in climate control for their beds too. Aramli said the company sold a fleet of BedJets directly to the New York Jets last year – units were issued to their star players to help them sleep and recover better during training camp.



With a brand new model scheduled to be released in the next year and another breakthrough invention in the works, BedJet is on track to be an increasingly disruptive company in sleep technology.