Set Sail With Lexus’ New LY 650 Yacht

Lexus, the iconic luxury automaker, continues to diversify their high end lifestyle leadership beyond the road.

This week in sunny Boca Raton, Lexus held the world premiere of its first luxury yacht, the Lexus LY 650. Pursuitist was on deck to experience Lexus’s latest dedication to become a diverse luxury lifestyle brand with the launch of the amazing LY 650, which featured exceptional performance and quietness befitting a maritime flagship. The brand’s first luxury vessel is an ocean-capable 65-ft flybridge cruiser, promising up to 31.4 knots.

Boating enthusiasts looking to own a LY 650 will need around $3.5 million, though this cost can fluctuate depending on features and options. Based on our “first drive” of the LY 650 Yacht, the price is absolutely worth it. From fit and finish to technological boating advances, Lexus spared no expense in entering the luxury yacht category. Their dedication to craftsman is obvious throughout, from the hull to the stern. It’s what you’d expect from Lexus, and honestly, even more. Subtle luxury touches, color and shapes will make you feel at home on the water and create a unique boating experience.

Even Major League Baseball legend Alex Rodriguez, A-Rod, was in Boca for the maiden voyage of the Lexus yacht (And generously snapped a selfie with Pursuitist)…

Pursuitist Lexus
Pursuitist Lexus
Pursuitist Arod

Based on the Lexus Sport Yacht Concept first shown in January 2017, the brand delivered on making the luxury yacht a reality with unique styling and superb cruising performance.

The LY 650 is built in collaboration with Marquis Yachts in Pulaski, Wisconsin, USA. With the start of LY 650 manufacturing, Marquis Yachts has applied the famous Toyota Production System in its production processes to improve production efficiencies and quality.

Lexus Set Sails With LY 650 Yacht
Lexus Set Sails With LY 650 Yacht

“The LY 650 symbolizes the challenge taken by Lexus, which aspires to be a true luxury lifestyle brand, to venture beyond the automobile. A collaborative team between Toyota and Marquis Yachts introduced the Toyota Production System to the boat manufacturing facility to improve productivity and quality. This allowed the Lexus “CRAFTED” philosophy of anticipatory hospitality and meticulous attention to detail to become a reality in the form of a luxury yacht. I am truly looking forward to seeing the advanced, high quality LY650 display its beauty on the oceans across the globe. As a mobility company, we are pursuing new possibilities for mobility even on the sea,” stated Akio Toyoda, CEO and President of Toyota Motor Company.

The shape of the hull, the abundant volume of the stern, and other elements, in addition to beautiful curved lines, give the LY 650 unprecedented and distinctive exterior styling. Collaboration with Italian yacht design studio Nuvolari Lenard has resulted in an advanced design and a comfortable interior living space that exemplifies high quality in every detail.

Additionally, in pursuit of cruising that achieves the exhilarating performance of a Lexus, the yacht rides on a light and highly rigid composite hull that combines CFRP (carbon fiber-reinforced plastic) and GFRP (glass fiber-reinforced plastic), and was jointly developed with Marquis Yachts.

Lexus Set Sails With LY 650 Yacht

The innovative LY 650 is also equipped with LY-Link, an advanced connectivity technology for boating that shares timely information and provides control of various yacht functions.

To see the new Lexus yacht up-close and personal, the Lexus LY 650 will appear at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in Florida Oct. 30 – Nov. 3, 2019.

Lexus’s vision is to “go beyond the automobile to deliver innovative and amazing experiences.” With Intersect by Lexus and now the LY 650 Yacht, Lexus has delivered on that promise with brilliant results.

Pursuitist Lexus

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