One Man’s Trash…

Best Smart Trash Cans

Out with the old; in with the new. As we usher in the sparkling, fresh finds of spring, why not find an equally shiny home for what you’re going to toss? Yes, we do mean trash, but not that plain plastic bucket from the 90s. Sleek designs and inspired inventions are practically turning this typically drab kitchen staple into a statement piece. Look below for another man’s treasure:


simplehuman Butterfly Sensor Trash Can – $275

Multi-sense technology allows this bin to detect motion and lift open when your hands are near. With 12 1/2 gallon capacity and an automatic continued use feature which will keep the lid lifted for 30 seconds, this is an ideal choice for those with heavy duty needs. An added bonus: The can has a built-in charcoal filtration system that reduces odors. Innovation sure is spreading its wings with this one.



Brabantia Slide Bin De Luxe 45 Litre Trash Can – $187

Without the bells and whistles, this can slides inwards or upwards with a simple touch. The large opening allows for disposal of bigger items, while the removable inner bucket makes emptying a breeze. Sturdy and corrosion resistant, one wouldn’t need the assurance of a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee to be sold on this model – but you’ll get it anyway.


Barbantia Slide Bin De Luxe Trash Can 

Brabantia Slide Bin De Luxe Trash Can


EX-CELL Kaleidoscope Collection Recycling Containers – $196-222

Who doesn’t love to mix and match? Our fellow environmental enthusiasts will appreciate this collection of square and half-round containers that fit together depending on one’s needs. The various cans are available in 24 and 8 gallon sizes, so you really can create your perfect recycling center based on how much you use of each designated product category. Simple color coding makes this system quick and efficient even for children.



Vipp Limited Edition Red Step Can – $319-469

It’s all about what’s on the inside, right? We say you can toss out that rule when the inside is garbage. Let’s talk aesthetics: A bright pop of red lends an eye-catching vibrancy to this MoMa accepted design (yes, really). When the rest of your kitchen is chic, you can’t just settle for any old receptacle. This one will generate some trash talkin’ – and we mean that in the best sense.