High Tech Hotels

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As the tech boom continues to roll on, the hotel industry has gotten in the game, offering guests the latest and greatest gadgets, amenities and conveniences. If you’re looking for an overnight experience with the latest technology to satisfy tech your needs, look no further than these cutting edge “tellies.”


United States

Hotel 1000 Seattle – Recognized by many as one of the most advanced hotels in the country, this hotel truly knows how to respect the privacy of their guest. Each room is equipped with a body heat sensor allowing the staff to determine if cleaning or maintenance can be done to the unit. Each room also has a silent doorbell and voip phones. Fans of gold and video games can certainly enjoy playing VR Golf offered by the hotel.

Hotel Zetta, San Francisco – This “fun” hotel is creating a lot of buzz because of its target market – gamers. The hotel’s playroom offers console and arcade games both for the young ones and the young at heart. The hotel also has a very noticeable tech décor using not just gaming hardware but nearly everything related to old technology.

Hotel Sax, Chicago – Sax has all the basic amenities guests need. It may seem like a standard hotel, but the hotel’s Lounge allows guests to play Rock band and Wii games and guests are also provided with a laptop and Zune player. Proximity to the River, Michigan Ave, great restaurants and, of course, The House of Blues all provide added value.



OPUS Vancouver – This hotel offers all the basic amenities, plus a Samsung SIII with an unlimited service for all guests.


United Kingdom

Ecclestone Square Hotel London – At first glance, rooms at the Ecclestone Square Hotel in London look normal, but a visit to the loo, and you will immediately notice the smart glass technology with built in TVs and other multi-media features. Every room also has an iPad nightstand and a Hastens bed equipped with massage feature.


Hong Kong

The Upper House, Hong Kong – The hotel has cozy and spacious rooms for business travelers and vacationing families. It offers a number of features suitable for everyone.  For starters, guests are provided with an iPod Touch. The hotel car guests can use is equipped Wifi and one feature that anyone will find convenient is the television unit near the bathtub.



The Peninsula Hotel, Tokyo – Japan seems to be an ideal destination for techie travelers. The Peninsula Hotel in Tokyo can be considered as one of the most advanced hotels in the country. Guests can access internet radio from their room. Every suite is equipped with mood lighting and even nail polish drier.