Dragon Lounge—A Miami Vice without the Price

Miami was recently crowned with the dubious distinction of having the highest inflation rate in the country. While New York or Los Angeles might seem more likely for this title, it is no surprise that inflation is running amuck in Miami.


Combine recent trends like “pent up demand” for travel and “work from anywhere,” along with longer term trends like the great migration south and it’s no surprise that Miami has gotten pricey. More people chasing fewer goods.


Fortunately, not everything in Miami will cost you 25-50% more than it used to. You just need to know where to look. A great deal might be hiding in clear site.


Housed in the swanky SLS hotel, Japanese restaurant Katsuya is known for having some of the best sushi and Japanese fare in Miami Beach. The popular spot—with other locations in Los Angeles and New York—is not exactly a “deal” though. Perhaps not the main dining room, but hiding in clear site lies a deal. You just need to look up [stairs].


dishes of food on table
Assortment of dishes at Katsuya


On the second level of Katsuya you’ll find the Dragon Lounge and a happy hour deal that is hard to beat. From 6-8pm, Monday – Friday, you can satiate your hunger and thirst with some of the best sushi, small bites and drinks in the area.


Enjoy classic and contemporary cocktails, beer and wine and world-class sushi, all in a hip setting that features murals by local Miami artists.


mural of japanese girl
Mural by local artist displayed in Draon Lounge


With $8 sushi rolls and other delicious eats at very reasonable prices, this is one spot worth searching for.


Currently on the Dragon Lounge happy hour menu:


Salmon Lemon Roll Scallion—scallion, asparagus, salmon, masago ($8)


salmon sushi roll on plate
Salmon Lemon Roll Scallion


Spicy Tuna Roll—tuna, cucumber, scallion, masago ($8)


Katsuya Veggie Roll— avocado, asparagus, cucumber, tofu, ponzu sauce ($8)


Asparagus Fries— tofu, yuzu aioli, sesame, furikake, togarashi ($8)


Truffle Fatty Tuna and Spicy Salmon Crispy Rice— Nikiri soy, shaved truffle, furikake spicy mayo ($19)


Sushi on rice
Truffle Fatty Tuna and Spicey Salmom Crispy Rice


Short Rib Fried Rice— jidori egg, leeks, mixed veggies, cilantro ($18)


Crispy Brussel Sprouts—balsamic tsume, toasted almonds, scallions, sriracha, toasted coconut shaving ($8)


Short Rib Bao Bun—steamed bum, ponzu mayo, BBQ sauce, black sesame ($11)