5 Hidden Gem Seafood Spots in The Hamtons

When it comes to seafood dining, the Hamptons—New York’s ritzy beach destination on Eastern Long Island—is renowned for its upscale restaurants and culinary scene. However, tucked away amidst the glitz and glamour, there are some hidden gems that offer exceptional dining experiences and mouthwatering dishes without the typical Hamptons’ price tag. These 5 lesser-known, good-value seafood restaurants in the Hamptons deserve a spot on every food foodie’s radar.

The Dockside Clam Bar & Grill


Located in Sag Harbor, The Dockside Clam Bar & Grill captures the essence of a classic seaside eatery. This unassuming gem offers a relaxed, casual atmosphere and a menu that showcases the freshest catches of the day. From succulent lobster rolls and crispy fried clams to perfectly grilled fish, every dish is a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to quality and flavor. Enjoy your meal while taking in picturesque views of the marina—truly a hidden paradise for seafood lovers.

The North Fork Shack

Nestled in Southold, The North Fork Shack is a charming seafood joint that has gained a loyal following among locals. While the focus at this unpretentious spot is not solely on local seafood there are many savory seafood dishes including lobster, buttery scallops and local oysters. The laid-back ambiance and the restaurant’s focus on locally sourced ingredients make it a true hidden treasure for seafood enthusiasts exploring the Hamptons.

Hampton Lady Beach Bar & Grill


For those seeking a beachfront seafood dining experience, Hampton Lady Beach Bar & Grill in Westhampton Beach is a must-visit. This hidden gem combines stunning ocean views with a diverse menu that caters to seafood aficionados. From their signature fish tacos bursting with freshness to their perfectly grilled swordfish steaks, every dish is crafted with care and showcases the flavors of the sea. With its relaxed beachside setting, Hampton Lady offers a delightful escape from the bustling Hamptons scene.

The Seafood Shop

Located in Wainscott, The Seafood Shop is a hidden culinary gem that specializes in providing the finest and freshest seafood products. While primarily a seafood market, they also offer a small seating area where guests can enjoy their meal. Feast on their raw bar delights, including briny oysters and plump clams, or savor their expertly prepared seafood dishes. From grilled fish to seafood paella, The Seafood Shop delivers an exceptional dining experience that will leave you craving for more.

Gosman’s Dock

Situated in Montauk, Gosman’s Dock is a legendary seafood restaurant that has stood the test of time. While it may not be entirely under the radar, its enduring charm and picturesque waterfront location make it worthy of mention. Sample their famous lobster bisque, savor the catch of the day, or indulge in their scrumptious seafood pasta. With panoramic views of the harbor, Gosman’s Dock provides a quintessential Hamptons seafood dining experience that captures the essence of this coastal paradise.

While the Hamptons may be synonymous with high-end dining, the region also offers hidden treasures—under the that showcase the local seafood—you just need to look a little harder.