(Re)treat Yourself

The reasons to go on a wellness retreat are varied and many, but in case you need a refresher, consider these facts:


  1. Everyone needs a vacation.
  2. Months of cold weather can foster bad eating habits and stress on your system. Your system could use a break and your mind is probably begging for some peace and quiet.
  3. Sometimes exactly what you need to jumpstart a belated New Year’s Resolution – “I’m going to eat healthier!” “I’m going to work out more!” – is to hit the reset button; to change up the routine.


Now that we’re on the same page as far as the benefits are concerned, let’s talk about what type of retreat is right for you.


For the yogi in search of a spiritual (and physical) cleansing:

American Yogini


American Yogini is an organization focused on making yoga part of every aspect of life.


They offer an unstructured retreat near NYC which incorporates daily yoga practice (optional) with a juice cleanse (included in the price of the retreat), free time to explore and times of “social silence” to encourage inner reflection. These retreats have no minimum for days of attendance.


For a more structured journey, go the “Yogini in Residence” route for a pre-set number of days that would include two yoga sessions per day, an off-the-mat healing session, a workshop and an evening program. The programs vary depending on the presenter.


They offer retreats for advanced students, teachers and aspiring teachers, as well as one for beginners and intermediate yogis.


If you just can’t get away for several days at a time, American Yogini will also facilitate in-home juice cleanses using handmade juices and soups to detoxify and rebuild your cells. They aim to restore balance and harmony internally, to rid the body of toxins and maximize its efficiency.


AG offers solo cleanses, group cleanses if you want some moral support, or corporate cleanses for groups of seven or more!



For the jetsetter who wants top of the line service that will nourish mind, body, and spirit:

Longevity Wellness Resort Monchique


If you want your wellness retreat experience to feel more like a resort getaway, this might be the place for you. Nestled in the Monchique Mountains of Portugal, this resort is an oasis of purity and calm. Featuring whole foods, elite spa services and varied exercise classes, Longevity is one of the healthiest vacations you could take. Enjoy five-star food without concern or guilt over the calorie or fat content. Spend your days swimming in the heated outdoor pool or rambling in the nearby hills. Take in Pilates, Power Plate, or a guided nature walk throughout the day. Spend the evening absorbing culture through cinema with other wellness guests.



For the adrenaline junkie who has to try everything once:

The Pinnacle Challenge


Spend three days in the California desert doing 20 hours of flexibility and circuit training. Their classes include yoga, circuit training, strength conditioning and foam rolling. You can even take water aerobics or go on a scenic hike.


Pinnacle also offers individualized seminars on diet and exercise. Included in the retreat is daily therapeutic massage, metabolic V02 testing (google this – you want it) and fresh, organic meals. You’ll learn new things about your body while challenging yourself, testing your limits, and motivating yourself to take your fitness to a new level!



If none of these wellness retreats seems right for you, don’t give up on the idea altogether. There is a program for every individual set of needs. Just keep looking till you find your perfect fit! I promise it will be worth it.