This Furniture Line Will Change Your Life (Again, And Again)

The concept of modular furniture (furniture that can be combined in different ways for different purposes) is as common as the word “IKEA.” Less typical? Functional furnishings that are refined and elegant, too.

USM combines functionality with design for pieces that can transform a space into something streamlined, modern, and timeless.

Whether you’re fitting out a home office, a co-working space, or a home entertainment center, USM has thought through dozens of ways to customize your setup. All you have to do is choose your own adventure. From the USM Haller structure (think a group of cubbyholes you can configure individually) to the USM Display (a self-contained communication system for conference rooms or reception), we have a feeling you’ll find everything you need—and a few things you didn’t realize you were missing—right here.

Visit USM’s beautifully designed, award-winning website to see solutions for all your spaces. But with this many options to customize and discover, we can’t promise you won’t fall down the rabbit hole…







More on USM from their site:

[More than a century ago, USM was known as a pre-eminent producer of iron works and window fittings. In 1961, Paul Schaerer, grandson of USM founder Ulrich Schaerer, chose to take the company in a new and dramatic direction by transforming the factory from a large, manually-oriented metal production plant into a modern, industrial enterprise.<!–more–></em>

To achieve this goal, Schaerer commissioned Swiss architect Fritz Haller to design a building that would accommodate the Münsingen-based company’s factory and provide ample space for administrative offices. The facilities modular architecture inspired Haller and Schaerer in the conception of flexible storage solution to accompany the firm’s growth prospect. In 1963, the two men created the pioneering furniture product known today as USM Haller Systems.]