Nautical By Nature

The nautical theme is all the rage again this season and now you can master the look in a legitimate way. Ella Vickers, Second Wind Sails and Sea Bags are all making stylish tote bags from recycled and reclaimed sails.


Talk about when fashion meets green living!


Sail materials are ultra durable so even after years of wear and tear on the opean ocean they’re still sturdy! Plus these fashionable bags keep sails out of our landfills.


Ella Vickers was created by its namesake, a first mate on a classic Americas Cup winner who was inspired post-race by the powerful performance of the sails of her yacht.  When that vessel, the Columbia, had its sails replaced during off-season, Vickers recycled the sturdy material into bags. Today, her company offers totes, ladies’ handbags and a variety of accessories for men and women, such as folding chairs, shower curtains (a product perfectly suited for recycled sails) and even dog beds, all made with the same seafaring flare that initiated their popularity.


Sea Bags uses that same recycle mentality to create custom totes. This company doesn’t stop spreading the good after production, either. They also donate to SailMaine Scholarship fund, a program that raises money to help children learn how to sail, and work with the Maine Cancer Foundation.





Ella Vickers ZTXL Zip Tote – Extra Large: $208.00




Original Sailcloth Duffle Small With Strap: $176.00


We love the clever mission statement over at Second Wind Sails. The company’s motto is: “Be Green and ‘Thread’ Lightly by creating high quality, functional handbags that serve a purpose for everyone.” In addition to bags, this Massachusetts-based business also offers stylish pillows, totes, toiletry bags, and shower curtains.


Best of all, the bags and accessories from each of these companies are handcrafted locally in the United States.