Stanton Watch Company

Time has a way of sneaking up on us.  And before you know it the holidays will be here and you’ll be darting around town (or the internet) buying gifts for friends and loved ones at the last minute.  What better way to save those loved ones from a similar fate of time mismanagement than with a new watch from the Stanton Watch Company?

Company founder Michael Stanton (who claims no Swiss heritage) got this Hoboken, New Jersey based start-up ticking away while studying law at Hofstra University. The individually assembled, classically designed time pieces are inspired by the styles and energy of the New York City metropolitan area, Stanton says.

“It started as a passion project. I’ve always been interested in mechanical watches. I began building some pieces for myself and close family and friends. Pretty soon their friends were asking me to create watches for them, too. Things started to grow naturally through word of mouth and pretty soon The Stanton Watch Co was born,” he says.

The designs are versatile – to be adorned in the café, on the golf-course, or right there on your carpal joint with a swag pair of cufflinks saturated in fine cigar smoke.  But make no mistake, each hand-made watch is considered a generational piece worthy of investment.  More a gift for Pops on his 60th birthday then for your grating brother-in-law.  Then again, if time is money, just think of all the loot you and your progeny will save in change fees because you’ll never miss another flight again.