Lagasse’s Stadium – A Sure Bet

The Superbowl! March Madness! The Kentucky Derby! Where are you going to place those bets and watch the action? Well, Vegas of course…but where?

If you plan to bet on one of your favorites, there is no better place to lay down your money and immerse yourself in sports nirvana than Lagasse’s Stadium. Lagasse’s Stadium is a sports book, not an ill-conceived, Emeril-controlled version of Kitchen Stadium. And yes, it does feature some stadium seating in front of a stadium-sized Jumbotron and a menu of high quality Cajun-influenced pub fare. BAM! Everything in Lagasse’s Stadium shows an attempt at sleek, light-colored, lounge-y design. The exact opposite of the dank places at which your uncle used to lose money betting on sports. It was also one of the first casinos to offer In-Running Wagering, which is basically a small iPod-sized device that allows patrons to make real time bets during games.




Lagasse’s Stadium
The Palazzo Hotel Resort Casino
3325 S. Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
(702) 607-2665