Add a Little Tech to Your Shave

Ok, boys, let’s be honest: how many of us have kissed our shaving kits, or at least the shaving cream, good-bye thanks to an overzealous TSA agent? Nothing says “vacation” like having to make do with a disposable razor blade and those little hotel soap briquettes. For guys on the go, it’s the new normal.

While it would certainly make an indelible first impression, even the most fashion-forward of folks avoid coming into a room looking like they just got hit with an orbital sander. Thus cometh the ShaveTech.

Think of it as “Steve Jobs meets the Barber of Seville.” Sleek, lightweight, and simple in design, the state-of-the-art ShaveTech razor is about the size and easy-to-grip shape of typical smart phone, and like a smart phone, charges through any USB port. This is a shaver you can literally put in your pocket…and not have to worry about slashing your pants or yourself. Turning the bathroom outlet (provided there is one and you aren’t left getting on fours to find it) into a sparrow’s nest of cords is a thing of past, as is that collection of adapters you’ve amassed over the years. As more and more travelers opt to cram everything into a carry-on to keep costs down, anything more portable and allowing for more space becomes a must-have. You can charge the ShaveTech off your computer, touch yourself up in the airplane restroom, and arrive fresh-faced for that right-off-the-plane business meeting or champagne soiree.

ShaveTech also is a credit to its class. More than a few men, and women for that matter, are less than enthused at the idea of electric razors; online product review and report provider ConsumerSearch even confirmed it, estimating that only 30 percent of men currently use electric shavers. Blades, historically, give closer shaves. Aware of the fact, offers a handy 411 to get the most out of their product: Pulling the skin taught, users angle the ShaveTech at 90 degrees to the skin so the blades get as close as possible to the hairs. Shave against the direction of the beard growth, changing direction as needed. Company officials recommend charging ShaveTech overnight for the initial use, and for four hours for every 30 minutes — the life of the battery — of use after.

Brushed with elegant silver trim and coming in high-tech shades of black and white, the ShaveTech, retailing for $29.99, works as any other electric shaver: Just remove the top cover and start buzzing. The shaving head is completely replaceable and easily cleaned with the provided brush (full cleaning instructions are on the website’s FAQ section). More over, the ShaveTech is RoHS compliant, meaning it is free of the sometimes dangerous components and materials common in other electronic devices.


Now just make sure you don’t answer that conference call with your razor.