A Green Light for Red Farm

“Rustic barn” and “Chinese food” may not be two things you’d normally put together, but at Red Farm, creative Chinese fare combines with country barn-like interior design to create a unique and cozy dining experience. Newly opened in the lower West Village, owners Joe Ng and Ed Schoenfeldin have incorporated the “farm-to-table” trend into their cuisine as well.

Come to Red Farm in a pair or small group and have a seat at a long, communal wooden table or a booth with a red-checkered table cloth. Grab a menu and some chopsticks from the copper bucket hanging overhead, and prepare to sample whimsically innovative Asian fusion.


To start, try imaginitive dim sum like Crispy Duck dumplings that look like stingrays swimming toward the plate’s curry dip center. The PacMan dumplings are another must-try; deliciously fresh shrimp and avocado join together to pay homage to the cute face of 80s arcade games.  Shrimp, Scallops, & Mussels in Rice Wine make a superb light entree while the Grilled & Sautéed Short Ribs might even be enough for two.




Let’s not forget about the drink selection, either. If you’re typically a margarita fan, we highly recommend Red Farm’s spin on this classic: Le Club Hot, comprised of the usual suspects (tequila and lime juice) mixed with agave nectar, jalapeno and mint. Or you could opt for a beer or two, but be a bit adventurous and go for one of the Asian produced choices, Chang Lager from Thailand or Tsingtao “Pure Draft” from China.


Whatever your “night on the town” preferences may be, Red Farm is sure to be a favorite among locavores and greenmarket fans with an imagination and a craving for something truly out of the ordinary.