The Virginia: Boutique Luxury On The Jersey Shore

Plush furniture, fine linens and access to not only beautiful beaches but some of the best farm-to-table cuisine on the East Coast. If this isn’t the Jersey Shore you’re acquainted with, then perhaps you’ve watched a bit too much television. When summer’s warmest weather arrives there is no better time to plan a weekend jaunt out of the sweltering city, and no better small resort to rest your head than The Virginia Hotel. Continue reading

Sierra Mar-velous

If you’re spending a getaway on the cliffs of Big Sur, watching the sunset as you enjoy the panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, chances are you’re probably thinking you’ve done pretty well for yourself. And if, in the back of your mind, you’re thinking that nothing could be better than this, we’d have to tell you—you’re wrong. Continue reading

Designing Wellness

Talking Spa Design With The Owners of Blu Spas. Out of all the buzzy trends that go in and out of popularity every year, here’s one that we’re thrilled to see sticking—wellness. Sticking doesn’t even quite do it justice, though, as reports from the Global Wellness Institute estimate that the wellness economy is worth an estimated $3.7 trillion. So, how does this sector continue to not only bask but also boom? Continue reading

1 Brooklyn Bridge—Sleek, Lean, Chic and Green

Even in a destination as packed with luxury accommodations as New York City, there’s always room for 1 more. Fresh on the scene since February, 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is primed to be a must-book for eco-conscious travelers looking to trade in the bustle of Manhattan for the greener (in every sense) pastures of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Continue reading

Summer Spots That Stick Out

As the temperatures rise and the proverbial school year calendar that many adults still cling to has officially gone on hiatus, the majority of people are looking for some R&R in the form of cool ocean breezes, a comfortable place to lay their head and a great meal. Continue reading

The Miami Cleanse

For many, Miami is simply synonymous with the party scene. The very idea of a getaway to this fabled city conjures up images of a Kardashian takeover, a young Will Smith rapping to bikini-clad models on sandy shores, and raucous nights at the Fontainebleau’s ever-hyped LIV. Continue reading