Street Meat from a Michelin Star Chef: Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Luxury Hotdogs



Even the most ‘refined’ among us cannot, on occasion, resist some delicious cuisine from the streets, whether served from a food truck or a humble cart shaded with a colorful umbrella. Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten has long been an advocate of ‘everyman’ food, like pizzas and burgers; it is therefore unsurprising that this Michelin star chef would choose to peddle hotdogs from a kitschy cart stationed outside the Mark Hotel in New York City.



“It’s a New York City street food staple, and it’s practical” said Vongerichten. “I also liked that I could dress it up a bit to differentiate from the rest of the street ‘dogs. It’s the perfect bite for Mark guests and neighbors to grab before heading to The Met or Central Park.”



Of course, Vongerichten’s street meat is not quite like the average street meat you find in New York. Rather than serving $1 hotdogs made from an unknown mix of meats, Vongerichten serves $6 organic chicken ‘dogs topped with kimchi relish, a result of his longstanding fascination with Asian cuisine. It’s a bit pricey for a hot dog, but relatively cheap if one is looking to try a meal prepared by a famous chef.

The cart will remain at its location in the Upper East Side from now through September.


This article was originally published on Pursuitist and has been republished by GoodLife Report by permission of Pursuitist