R BlockEating Vietnamese, Drinking German at San Francisco’s the Slanted Door (Departures)

Chef Charles Phan’s Vietnamese flagship is the greatest place in the country to learn how to pair Vietnamese cuisine with wine.

Those of us who knew San Francisco back in the day—the psychedelic ’60s, the freewheeling gay ’70s, the bratty contact-jam ’80s, which was my main era—might mourn the city we loved before the dot-coms deleted much of the city’s bohemia. But we can sometimes feel okay about San Francisco’s, um, maturity when we go out to eat because, among restaurants, there are certain oldsters that have grown up with the city.

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R BlockTravel Notes: Bermuda (Feather + Flip)

Remember that eighties Beach Boys song, Kokomo? The first island they sing about is Bermuda. And for me, the island never quite moved beyond that decade. I pictured it as a place where baby boomers honeymooned, not a place for my family. This weekend I learned how wrong I’ve been.

I fell in love a bit before I arrived, starting with the moment the JetBlue captain announced our flying time: one hour, thirty minutes. My New Yorker brain immediately pictured the LIE on a summer weekend: driving to Montauk can easily take twice as much time, and there’s no Direct TV to entertain us on the way there. By wheels down, I regretted not doing this trip a long time ago. -Henley

Bermuda has some of the most spectacular natural scenery you’ll find, Caribbean and beyond. The island is surrounded by coral reefs and diveable shipwrecks, rimmed with pink sand beaches and impossibly clear water, pocketed by limestone caves (the famous Crystal Cave was the inspiration for Fraggle Rock). Bermuda’s interiors are lush and green, with flowering gardens, towering palm trees and colorful homes. And for sporty families, there are enough activities to keep everyone busy for a week or longer.

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