R BlockHow The Internet Of Things Will Change Your Life

The “Internet of Things” (or IoT) has been something of a buzz term in technology for a couple of years now, despite the fact that it’s usually mentioned in only the vaguest ways. Many are familiar with the maddeningly unspecific IoT commercials from tech companies that basically make the concept sound like some sort of futuristic super-Internet, but a lot of us are still somewhat unfamiliar with what the IoT actually does or means. Read more »


R BlockHybrid Bikes

Hybrid Bikes Are Now As Stylish As They Are Functional

Hills. They’re the enemy of anyone on a casual bike trip. While hardcore riders thrive on the adrenaline rush that comes with tackling an intimidating incline, the casual rider, looking to give the earth a break by leaving the car in the garage, could do without them. Read more »


Out with the old; in with the new. As we usher in the sparkling, fresh finds of spring, why not find an equally shiny home for what you’re going to toss? Yes, we do mean trash, but not that plain plastic bucket from the 90s. Read more »


R BlockWhy Walk When You Can Citysurf?

If your MINI isn’t mini enough for you, you’re in luck


MINI introduced their newest concept in urban mobility, the all-electric MINI Citysurfer Concept to a crowd of journalists at the LA Auto Show today.

An auxiliary transportation concept that is designed to help people navigate crowded urban environments, the Citysurfer makes it both easy and fun to get around town if you have a long way to travel between your parking space and your office or shopping destination.

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It is such a mainstay we almost no longer notice it, but every kitchen needs one: a blender. It slices! It dices! It comes in thousands of versions with thousands of prices! Consumer Reports and Good Housekeeping are excellent resources to whittle down the herd, but only to a point. Read more »