R BlockTrack Traditions

The Kentucky Derby is steeped in 142 years of tradition, much of it booze and hat related. So much tradition surrounds the Derby that the race itself might have become secondary to the ceremony if spectators didn’t have tens of millions of dollars riding on the outcome. So, what traditions lure racing fans away from the track? Read more »


R BlockInnovations in Grazing

They say that this is the way people shop for gourmet foods in Europe—by snacking and sipping while shopping in large, compartmentalized stores—but will it work in the United States? Looks like it. Roughly five years in the making, both Eataly—Mario Batali’s much-ballyhooed emporium next to Madison Square Park—and Todd English Food Hall—a collection of restaurants in the basement of the Plaza Hotel— remain as popular as ever. Read more »


R BlockCask On Tap

America Is in the Midst of a Slow Beer Revolution


For much of the 20th century, American beer was weak and watery. By the mid-1970s, mass consolidation and industrialization of American beer made local and regional brews almost unheard of. Today, America is in the midst of a craft beer renaissance. Read more »


R BlockMean and Green

Flying cars don’t yet exist. And even if they did, their owners would be subjected to environmental guilt trips on a level currently reserved for people who hunt endangered Bengal tigers from moving Hummers. We live in an era when many purchases—cars, light bulbs, fish filets, cleaning products—are viewed as geopolitical decisions, so it’s not exactly seemly to drive powerful, jet-like vehicles for fun. Thankfully, Tesla Motors makes a guilt-free jet-like vehicle. Read more »