R BlockA Healthful Holiday

Moist, succulent turkey. Fluffy mashed potatoes dripping with butter. Creamy green bean casserole topped with crunchy, salty onion rings. The food on that plate next to yours looks appetizing, doesn’t it? Too bad you’re on a diet. Read more »


R Block(Sur)endipitous

If you’re spending a getaway on the cliffs of Big Sur, watching the sunset as you enjoy the panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, chances are you’re probably thinking you’ve done pretty well for yourself. And if, in the back of your mind, you’re thinking that nothing could be better than this, we’d have to tell you – you’re wrong. Read more »


R BlockThe Miami Cleanse

For many, Miami is simply synonymous with the party scene. The very idea of a getaway to this fabled city conjures up images of a Kardashian takeover, a young Will Smith rapping to bikini-clad models on sandy shores, and raucous nights at the Fontainebleau’s ever-hyped LIV. Read more »